Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Balls of Thread

through the 
dark night, my friend 
and me  lost our ways  and 
fell into  a deep dry well. Groping 
through the  darkness, our hands came 
across two balls of thread— Our fingers moved
 vigorously,tirelessly  through  the thread  
throughout  the dark night as if 
a  solution would 
come out 
of it.

the night
that seemed like 
an  eon came to an end,
and  the first morning rays 
entered into  the old dirty well,I  saw, to
 my utter dismay: I had weaved a net out of the thread
and entangled myself leaving  no  possibilities 
of rescue. My  friend had weaved 
a rope out of the thread 
and had climbed 
out of the